Compiling some of my stop-motion animation work, in no particular order.

Greensplat is a short animated autobiography directed by Dawn Tuffery. It explores childhood memories of living in the Cornish village of Greensplat in the 1980s, while also looking at the history and effects of the local china clay industry.
The film was created as part of Dawn’s Master of Arts study at Wintec, and integrates sand animation with archival audio, photographs and drawings to create a personal portrait of a place that no longer exists. More background to this film on an old site here.
‘How can we support kotahitanga in the Waikato?’ This was created for Creative Waikato’s Kotahitanga project.
Sand animation illustrates the answers ranging from the pragmatic to the philosophical. The two minute clip offers ideas for real actions we can all take in supporting a more united community.
Where the stop-motion experiments first began! This claymation video was created in 2002 for the TV2 Awards, and was one of three winners. An amazing morphing musical glob discovers it has feet of clay.. Featuring a range of New Zealand bands (with permission).
Fun with pixillation, circa 2010. Starring Carl Watkins. Old-timey music courtesy of One Fat Man.
Experimental sand animation – the first time trying it – from 2009, created for a Ramp Gallery exhibition.
Played at the 2010 London International Animation Festival.
In ‘Swing’, a blue creature swings through development and erosion. Honours project for Wintec. Screened in NZ International Film Festival’s ‘Homegrown’ programme, Show Me Shorts Festival (Aus/NZ), Tokyo International Environmental Film Festival, Reelframe Festival (Canada), Nextframe International Touring Festival (USA, finalist in ‘animation’ category), and Aotearoa Environmental Film Festival (winner: ‘Best emerging talent’ award),
This work featured in the exhibition “E Hina e! E Hine e! Mana Waahine Maaori/Maoli of Past, Present and Future”: This short film tells the story of Hineaahuone’s origin. It’s created with sand collected from Raglan beach, and shaped frame-by-frame with fingers and sticks.
So long ago it’s in SD! Old showreel.
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