Bring on the training

I just realised it was nearly November, and November is really close to the beginning of December. Ergo, I should be doing some training for Kepler. Where did those three months go?

2009 100k world champion Kami Semick is doing Kepler too, BCR just announced. I’ll admit to getting a bit of fan-girl frisson upon reading that.

“I’ll be running in a race with Kami Semick! ” I enthused to my beloved, who proceeded to successfully restrain his excitement (once I’d explained who Kami Semick was).

“It’s not really with though, is it?” he said pragmatically. “More like a long, long, way behind. You should say you’re starting a race with her..”

I have been running some, of course, and apparently can’t hide that from anyone. Due to an appointment mixup I had a different acupuncturist a month back, who explained very kindly and logically why I should, perhaps, run less or not at all. My achilles would then have no problems. I nodded seriously, agreeing that this was almost definitely true, and looked forward to never having to follow up on the conversation.

Roll on this week, when I was getting merrily pricked by my usual practitioner. Mr Sensible poked his head round the door and asked how things were going. “Kelly says you’re running nearly every day!” Sprung by social media and the small world of Hamilton.

Hawks SW all smiles. Photo by Sophie Corbidge.
Hawks SW all smiles. Photo by Sophie Corbidge.

In truth, the achilles is doing pretty well and I can get away with an amount of running that would seem quite reasonable if not for a little ultra on the horizon.

I got slightly distracted from Kepler by National Road Relays, held in Takahe to Akaora. This is a highlight of the harrier year, and one I’d essentially ruled out early on – Hawks seemed to have a plethora of fast women (that should be a marketing strategy). However, sneaking back towards pre-sprog fitness somehow scored me a spot on the team and off we flew. It was an excellent trip, and felt pleasantly full-circle going back to the same place as my last NRR. Runwise, I’d call my leg of the relay solid rather than transcendent. It was a minute under the time predicted for me (good) but half a minute off my 2009 time over the same course (irritating). My team were splendid. If descending can be transcendent, Kovo can claim that adjective with pride after an epic run. Ultimately we won bronze, which was exciting for me as a first NRR medal. Go team go.

After relays, I was a little bit tired, and then briefly got distracted with a few other things (win undead beauty pageant as decrepit Lloyd-Webber-adapting Egyptian mummy, tick). Labour weekend is completely out due to childcare responsibilities. But next weekend – the training is ON. And then it should be time to taper, right?

2 thoughts on “Bring on the training

    1. Thanks! It was a nice surprise. Did made me realise that a lot is unpredictable on the day and that’s part of the intrigue and uncertainty. I could have easily run the same time and come 8th and that would be fine too.

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