Wanted: iron like a lion..

In case you needed to know, my iron stores are too low again, as they have been for years. There was a brief foray into the normal range for a while there, but it’s apparently lapsed. But why, iron gods, why? What did I ever do to you?

Ok, I’m female, and we tend to inconveniently lose a bunch of iron on a regular basis. However, thanks to pregnancy and lactational amenorrhea, that hasn’t applied for 2.5 years and counting (handy). Breastfeeding might counteract that right back by yoinking a bit, although the amount shouldn’t be period-equivalent nowadays.

Ok, I run, sometimes for a long time, and that kills wussy iron cells through the feet pounding, and sweat and suchlike. But plenty of people run and don’t lose iron, right? And I haven’t even trained much lately.

But that’s it. On the plus side, I eat red meat reasonably often (vegetarianism stint lapsed on commencement of relationship with carnivore – so slack, I know), plus green stuffs and vitamin C stuff and porridge and smoothies and barley grass, and take the ferrotab supplements sometimes, soon to be more frequently, and don’t drink tea, or milk, or coffee. It’s not a perfect diet – mmm, cake – but also not too bad.

Killer iron-building tips welcome..

One thought on “Wanted: iron like a lion..

  1. I haven’t tried this myself, but the Enviroteam at a school I work with was growing vast quantities of kale for 3 members in their community who had cancer. They would pick and juice the leaves and drink it straight – apparently because it was very high in iron. I don’t think it tastes particularly nice but it is meant to do the trick.

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