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  • Race report: Kauri 70k

    Seems that the longer the run, the longer you can go on about it. Get some snacks and settle in. The Kauri 70k last year was my first ultra back post-baby, and was fun for that reason alone, not to mention all the lovely people I met. This time round I wanted a bit of speed.Continue… Read more

  • Race report: Waihi Xterra Marathon

    Waihi Xterra Marathon was my first bigger post-baby event last year, so I was keen to see if I’d got any fitter. Aims were threefold – beat last year’s time, place top 3, run most of Karangahake, and generally have fun. Ok, that’s four. At 5am I woke up, heard the rain, and suddenly had aContinue… Read more

  • Wanted: iron like a lion..

    In case you needed to know, my iron stores are too low again, as they have been for years. There was a brief foray into the normal range for a while there, but it’s apparently lapsed. But why, iron gods, why? What did I ever do to you? Ok, I’m female, and we tend toContinue… Read more

  • Running and breastfeeding

    I went for a jog tonight at dusk. Nothing excessive – 40 minutes barefoot on grass, slow pace. But it was all by myself, and reminded me just how nice it is to let the legs gently plod-plod-plod while the mind goes glub-glub-glub-gurgle-mmm-CAKE-ooh-look-a-man-with-a-kite! (or whatever). I’m discernibly happier and calmer if I’ve had a run,Continue… Read more

  • Ridiculously late Vibram Tarawera Ultramarathon 2012 race report

    Is it worth writing a novel-like race report 5 months after the fact? Why not, eh. This is my belated-and-then-some rambling account. Those who know me know I love running, especially if it’s Routes Of Unusual Distance. After having my daughter early 2011, I eased back into running at a sensible pace and indulged inContinue… Read more

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