Otherwise fine

My mum was over this weekend and we attended a race at the Hawks. “Runners seem to just greet your achilles,” she observed afterwards. Ah, runners. We understand each other, and the awesomeness of running, and thus civilities take a logical unrepressed order: – “How are you?” (ie, your injury). – “Still haven’t got the achillesContinue reading “Otherwise fine”

Tarawera: ramble from the sidelines

If you’re forced to be a spectator at Tarawera Ultra, you might as well be placed at central aid station Okataina on a ‘fire course’ year. Upon hearing I was out, Paul C considerately organised the race to run back past so I could watch everyone in action twice. What a guy. For anyone followingContinue reading “Tarawera: ramble from the sidelines”

Running and breastfeeding

I went for a jog tonight at dusk. Nothing excessive – 40 minutes barefoot on grass, slow pace. But it was all by myself, and reminded me just how nice it is to let the legs gently plod-plod-plod while the mind goes glub-glub-glub-gurgle-mmm-CAKE-ooh-look-a-man-with-a-kite! (or whatever). I’m discernibly happier and calmer if I’ve had a run,Continue reading “Running and breastfeeding”

Ridiculously late Vibram Tarawera Ultramarathon 2012 race report

Is it worth writing a novel-like race report 5 months after the fact? Why not, eh. This is my belated-and-then-some rambling account. Those who know me know I love running, especially if it’s Routes Of Unusual Distance. After having my daughter early 2011, I eased back into running at a sensible pace and indulged inContinue reading “Ridiculously late Vibram Tarawera Ultramarathon 2012 race report”